About Me

My Work


I have published seven books, including two children's books. I received certification from the IAO to write story books for children. I am recognized with the National Poetry Association and is featured in the book titled, 'Eternal Portrait Series. I was selected as Suggested Artist for songwriting and Honorary Mention for Christian lyrics with VH1 in 2005 & 2006.

My Community


 I have books that range from children, to teens, to young adults to adults. Everyone of you that read one of my books are a part of my community. Feel free to contact me to ask any questions or voice your concerns. Even if you need prayer, I'm here and I'm available FOR YOU!

Join My Journey


Take a journey with me as we go 'Beyond the Pages' with my new book, RUTH READY. I will be hosting different sessions at different locations. Maybe you can join me at one of them. Be on the lookout for dates and times.